Active Directory Tools for Self-service and Delegated Updates, User Account Management, Password Management and Provisioning

Web Active Directory provides a complete suite of web-based Active Directory management solutions and tools for your organization. Explore the products below to learn how you can search, update, manage and report on Active Directory data, deploy an intuitive Windows self-service password reset tool, and send password reminders to your local and off-premise users before their Windows passwords expire.

Our Featured Products

  • IISADMPWD Replacement Tool

    IISADMPWD Replacement Tool

    Web Active Directory engineered a replacement solution for the Microsoft® IISADMPWD utility because the legacy Microsoft release of IISADMPWD does not support IIS 7 and later. With the release of IIS 7 and its architectural and security changes from previous versions, the old IISADMPWD tool no longer works. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even support IISADMPWD on IIS 7 and later. Our solution allows users to change their AD password from a web page without requiring changes to your IIS 7 web application.

  • PeoplePassword


    Stop taking password reset calls today and empower your users with our intuitive Windows self-service password reset tool. PeoplePassword has an almost immediate impact in reducing help-desk calls especially for your remote users. You can have your organization up and resetting Windows passwords within an hour of installation with our intuitive administration center so download our 30-day free trial today!

  • PeopleUpdate


    Its time to rethink who manages your Active Directory data and empower your users and business owners to securely and efficiently manage this data for you. In about 20-minutes, you can get your users searching an online corporate directory, updating data, managing group memberships and managing passwords all based on their group memberships.

  • PeopleProvision


    PeopleProvision is a simple-to-deploy, intuitive role-based Microsoft® Active Directory account provisioning tool that allows you to delegate user account creation without giving out the keys to the kingdom.

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