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Tumwater School District Success Story

Tumwater School District has More Quality Data, Time and Resources since Deploying Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform. The Tumwater School District Success Story is similar to the stories of many other schools using PeoplePlatform. PeoplePlatform empowers you to create, update, and deprovision users and other objects in your directory. You can delegate provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates

Cumberland County Schools Success Story

Cumberland County Schools Achieved Success with Web Active Directory’s PeopleSearch PeopleSearch is part of the PeoplePlatform suite of solutions.  Cumberland County Schools achieved success with PeopleSearch. PeopleSearch provides targeted views of Active Directory information based on a user’s group membership. It also enables you to export and report on hard to find data with a single

Windows 10 1703 and RSAT

Upgrade to Windows 10 1703 and RSAT Disappears An upgrade to Windows 10 build 1703 (“creators update”) removes Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).  This is unexpected behavior. Reinstall RSAT As others have stated you can install RSAT that came out for Windows build 1607 and be fine.  Though some have reported problems with this, I can

Deploying your Identity and Access Management Solution

Software companies (rightly) emphasize the features and functions of their software.  Sometimes, however, the lost focus on implementation can be harmful.  As software becomes more feature-rich it inevitably becomes more complex.  This is not avoidable.  Having a sound plan for your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution deployment, therefore, is important to achieve project success. The Spectrum of Deployment

Active Directory Monitoring Solutions

If attackers are able to get into your internal systems and Active Directory, one of the first things they might do is to give users elevated privileges which result in group membership changes.  Good Active Directory monitoring solutions are configurable like an alarm system.  The system would alert you almost immediately when such changes occur.

Value of Identity Managment On Premise

At Web Active Directory, our web-based Identity and Access Management platform, PeoplePlatform, runs on premise or in the cloud.  For many of our customers, it’s important that the solution can install and function on premise.  This is true across the board but also especially in government, healthcare, and education. On-Premise for Directory Data Can Make More

Shockingly Easy Privileged Account Management

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform provides shockingly easy privileged account management (PAM).  It’s shockingly easy to manage but appropriately complex in the options that you have when you want to dig deeper. Privileged Account Management is Important Privileged account management is important.  Identity Management solutions should pay special attention to users who have access to the

Active Directory Password Reset Tool

A bottleneck that happens with many help desk technicians is resetting forgotten passwords for users. Too often this becomes a routine action that takes precious time from more important activities and functions of help desk personnel. Magnifying the bottleneck is password reset tickets need to be addressed immediately to prevent employee inefficiency. Ironically, this makes

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