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Reset Passwords in G Suite and Multiple Platforms

Google’s administrative interface isn’t as friendly as desired to find sets of users and reset passwords in G Suite.  With directories of even only a few hundred users, it can be difficult to use.  There isn’t the sufficient granularity for role-based security to perform administrative functions. Admins get the ability to do everything (including delete

Deleting Users in Azure Active Directory (Office365)

Deleting users in Azure Active Directory (Office365) is a more radical action than deprovisioning them.  Everybody’s deprovisioning process often differs in at least some small way.  It’s usually something like disabling users and moving them to a special area in your directory.  Then your deprovisioned users are “out of the way” and can be more

Bulk Provisioning Users in Active Directory

Bulk provisioning users in Active Directory is an important task for new employee onboarding.  It’s also a common practice if you have a system of record that has to stay in sync with your directory.  This practice is common for schools.  Students have their own inherent turnover as they progress through the system.  Most schools

Finding Users with a Hidden Exchange/Office365 Mailbox in Active Directory

Finding Users with a Hidden Exchange/Office365 Mailbox can be important for on premise Exchange and Exchange online management.  In this article we’re looking at finding this attribute in Active Directory.  This implies either a completely on-premise Exchange implementation or a hybrid implementation where at least one Exchange Server is on premise. Hiding mailboxes from the

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Windows 10 1709 and RSAT

Upgrade to Windows 10 1709 and RSAT Disappears An upgrade to Windows 10 build 1709 (“Fall Creators Update”) removes Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).  This is unexpected behavior.  We have seen this before with the last major update of Windows. Reinstall RSAT This time, there’s a new version of RSAT to download.  Here is the

Handling Duplicates When Provisioning

Provisioning isn’t always about creating new things.  Handling duplicates when provisioning is an important part of a provisioning solution.  This is true no matter the kind of object that’s provisioned, what directory platform or platforms are involved, and whether the process is occurring as a one-off via a web form or thousands of records are

Finding Users with No Logon Script in Active Directory

Finding Users with No Logon Script or being alerted when one is created in real-time is an important part of sound maintenance of Active Directory. The quicker you know about users with this condition, the more calls to the helpdesk you can head off. Users created or configured without a logon script may be missing

Reset Passwords Without Multi-Factor Authentication

The majority of time, when performing password resets, you want security measures in place so you know the person or persons receiving new passwords can be verified to be who they say they are.  With a self-service password reset solution like PeoplePassword, this verification involves a configurable process of multi-factor authentication.  This process is important

Find Locked Out Users in Active Directory

Being locked out of their accounts is another reason users call the help desk costing IT departments valuable time and money. For end users, being unable to login is a show-stopper for productivity. The locked out condition is different than an expired or disabled account. Both of these states you have control over as an

Directory Platform Management

Directory Platform Management Managing directory platforms efficiently and quickly is critical for organizations. Lack of management leads to incorrect data which can lead to security problems. When correctly assigning groups, policies and using best practices, the directory environment becomes more secure. There is comfort in knowing data are accurate. Reduce the security concerns once an

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