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Password Expiration Notification (Microsoft Online)

Web Active Directory offers a very inexpensive password expiration reminder tool and here is a link to a script that uses a powershell cmdlet that send a reminder email to users of Microsoft Online services such as hosted Exchange.  Very cool!  Anybody interested in a tool that notifies users against both internal and external directories?

Active Directory Health Check Series

Just curious how people feel about Active Directory Health Checks?  At Web Active Directory we have a significant amount of experience performing a multitude of Active Directory troubleshooting and I know that Microsoft and Microsoft partners offer Active Directory Health Checks…so how many of you are interested in a tool to perform your own Active

Powershell and Active Directory

Powershell and Active Directory, my two favorite things!  I’ve personally never used Active Directory as a drive but it is an interesting way to navigate the directory structure. Want to learn more about tools to help manage Active Directory, visit us at

Reverse DNS in IIS logs

This change makes troubleshooting IIS problems so much easier in an enterprise environment.  Now instead of doing this manually or looking thru the jibberish that is in the IIS logs you can simply search for the computer name of the user that is having the issue and see error/success and pages they are viewing/posting.  Of

Microsoft TechEd 2010

A little reminder if you’re thinking about going to Microsoft TechEd 2010, register soon to receive a discount!  If you have never been to Microsoft TechEd I can tell you  it is hands down the best training event I have ever attended…year after year. I have attended these conferences for years, even back to when it was MEC

Windows 7 “GodMode”

In case you haven’t already seen this, here’s a shameless link to CNET which describes this feature in a bit more detail.  It’s not so much a “GodMode” as it is a quick control panel link to all of the system’s control panels.  Definitely something for you administrators who are implementing Windows 7, it would

Provision Active Directory users using Powershell

Since we’re on the topic of Powershell (see last post), here is a script published in it’s entirety that was originally part of separate articles carried on Technet Magazine last year Take a look and as I said before – Powershell rocks… and Don Jones, you’re a sharp dude. Want to learn more

Powershell cmdlet designer

I just came across this link to the Powershell cmdlet designer in a Jeffrey Snover post on his 2009 resolutions.  I had no idea that the Powershell cmdlet designer was out there –  where have I been you ask?  I follow quite a few feeds, including Jeffrey Snover specifically and all of the Technet blog

How to use the Microsoft Active Directory Recycle Bin

Great article and video showing how to use the new Active Directory recycle bin in Windows 2008 R2. Want to learn more about tools to help manage Active Directory, visit us at

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks eBook

Pretty good little ebook here on Windows 7 tips and tricks, it’s definitely worth a look and given that Windows 7 is much more likely to be adopted by businesses than Windows Vista it’s much more likely this knowledge will come in handy!

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