Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeoplePlatform

Our Active Directory Identity Management Solutions

Web Active Directory provides a complete software suite of web-based Active Directory identity management solutions for your organization. Together, this suite forms a product platform for identity management that we call PeoplePlatform.

  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleProvision


    PeopleProvision is a simple-to-deploy, intuitive, role-based Microsoft Active Directory account provisioning application.  It allows you to delegate user account creation without giving people or departments access to Active Directory directly.  You therefore have less data errors and a more secure environment.  The configurable application allows for easy creation of business rules around provisioning.  As a result simple form inputs drive complete, error-free entries into Active Directory.  PeopleProvision, along with PeopleNexus are Active Directory identity management solutions around provisioning and de-provisioning users.  Integration with thousands of other systems creates an efficient means to create an manage accounts using Active Directory as the hub.  This therefore saves you and your team time and money creating and disabling or removing users.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleUpdate


    Empower your users and business owners to securely and efficiently manage Active Directory data for you. As a result, you can get you or your employees out of the data entry grind.  In about 20 minutes, you can get your users

    • searching an online corporate directory because nobody likes when people don’t put their contact information in their signatures
    • updating data consequently taking that burden off of your teams’ back
    • managing group memberships so that you don’t have to take calls to get people in and out of groups
    • managing passwords so that your group doesn’t have this headache
    • to do all of this based on their group memberships so that it’s all done safely and securely

    As an administrator you control what data (any data) from Active Directory individuals can see and/or edit.  This data includes user images which can be stored and displayed from disk or Active Directory.  Take your pain of data management away and let users edit and update their own or others stuff.  The delegation saves you headaches and the company money.  You controlling who can see and edit what creates a more secure and safer environment.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleNexus


    PeopleNexus is a role-based account provisioning and update application that allows you to delegate user creation and updates in Active Directory in bulk.  Create mappings to your input source and transformations of these inputs to output into virtually any property in Active Directory that you want without coding or scripting. No coding and scripting means less maintenance and pain.  Do this bulk provisioning optionally completely hands-free once the system is set up. Have complete control over your provisioning, de-provisioning, and directory updates in bulk.  PeopleNexus , along with PeopleProvision are Active Directory identity management solutions around provisioning and de-provisioning users.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeoplePassword


    Stop taking password reset calls today and empower your users with our intuitive Windows self-service password reset solution.  You have complete control of which users are allowed to reset their passwords, change them, or unlock their accounts.  Multi-factor authentication is supported and is completely configurable by user.  As a result high-risk users can be forced to jump through more hoops to prove their identity.  Help-Desk functionality cuts down on call time while at the same time creating a more secure environment by decreasing the chances of impersonation.  Optionally capture desk/mobile phone numbers or email addresses in the enrollment process if you don’t store this data in Active Directory.  The benefit here is that if your data is incomplete you can still authenticate users with emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleSearch


    More than an instant online corporate directory, you can control which users see what data.  PeopleSearch provides targeted views of Active Directory information based on a user’s group membership and enables you to export and report on hard to find data.  The solution is flexible and relatively easy to deploy.  This results in a solution a solution that is easier to maintain than trying to code or script a directory solution yourself.  You can display most any data associated with a user or group in Active Directory including images.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: IISADMPWD Replacement Tool

    IISADMPWD Replacement Tool

    Web Active Directory engineered a replacement for the Microsoft IISADMPWD utility because it does not support IIS 7 and later. With the release of IIS 7 the old IISADMPWD tool no longer works. Our solution allows users to change their Active Directory or local password from a web page without requiring changes to your IIS 7 web application or website.  Protect your website or web application by requiring a valid Windows login.  Eliminate helpdesk calls when a user’s password has expired.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleEnroll


    PeopleEnroll, an add-on utility for PeoplePassword, allows you to import enrollment data for your users from other systems. This capability therefore allows you to accelerate enrollment bypassing manual enrollment in PeoplePassword.


  • Active Directory Identity Management Solutions: PeopleMinder


    The best Windows password reminder tool made simple! Remote users are the toughest to manage when it comes to password expirations. Consequently we built this a password reminder solution to notify these users before they call the help desk.  You configure PeopleMinder to notify any specified group in your Active Directory.  You therefore have control over who receives notifications at differing frequencies.


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