Password Management Increases Efficiency and Security

In a previous post, we talked about increasing organizational efficiency around provisioning and deprovisioning users.  Deploying a password reset solution is also important in this regard.  The delegation of resetting passwords or unlocking accounts via identity and access management solutions allows users safely to reset passwords with limited or no IT involvement.  Reducing calls to the Help Desk enables IT to do more important work.

I spoke with a school district last week.  The size of the school was nearly 18,000 including students and staff.  The original reason for our discussion was how our software might improve Provisioning, but I learned that their help desk was taking nearly 600 calls a month resetting passwords. I was surprised that the number was only 600 a month given the size of their directory. (Research from META Group states an average of 1.75 calls per user per month come to an organization’s help desk.  Gartner claims 30% of help desk calls are related to passwords).

Even though the school has fewer calls related to passwords than a typical organization, we determined that we could reduce these calls even further by using our password management solution PeoplePassword. PeoplePassword allows for cost savings and increased organizational efficiency.

 Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword increases efficiency by:


  • Safely delegating password change and reset functions to end-users and the Help Desk
  • Allowing users to resolve problems themselves 24×7 with no loss of productivity waiting for support
  • Notifying users ahead of time when passwords are going to expire at the specified frequency you’d like
  • Reducing the time to reset/change passwords and unlock accounts

Efficiency isn’t the only reason to choose a Password Management solution.  The school I spoke of above is responding to district requirements imposed especially on IT to have increased security measurements in place.   This effort led them to talk with us about their provisioning concerns as they were no longer willing to give members of their other departments direct remote access to their servers to create new user accounts and remove and disable old ones via operating system tools.  These security measurements also extended to the need for more security around passwords.  We were able to address additional security concerns with PeoplePassword.

 Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword increases security by:


  • Creating an environment where users are less likely to write down passwords causing possible compromise
  • Utilizing multi-factor authentication configurable by user
  • Enforcing stronger password rules
  • Assisting the Help Desk in determining users are who they say they are when they call

Review our Password Management solution PeoplePassword further and see where an investment can help reduce password calls to your help desk in a secure, efficient manner.

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