A Replacement for IISADMPWD in IIS 7

Many organizations have employed Microsoft’s IISADMPWD tool to allow password changes in Active Directory for web applications. Originally intended as the way to change passwords for access in Outlook Web Access (OWA), IISADMPWD became quite a useful solution for any organization that wanted to delegate access to Active Directory password changes via a web application.

With the release of IIS 7 and its architectural and security changes from previous versions of IIS, there are certain situations where the old IISADMPWD will not work. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even support IISADMPWD on IIS 7 and later although some organizations have been able to deploy it in an unsupported fashion.

The main situation where IIS 7 behaves differently from previous versions of IIS is when a user needs to change her password and the “User must change password at next logon” flag is set in Active Directory. In this situation, we’ve not found a way to authenticate a user with either Windows or Basic authentication in IIS and the old IISADMPWD tool cannot meet the requirements to allow the password change for users with this flag set. This is problematic since the scenario where a user needs to change her password after an administrative reset is very common.

Web Active Directory has developed a replacement for IISADMPWD that uses anonymous authentication to work around the IIS 7 authentication issue when the “User must change password at next logon” flag is set for a user. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at the architectural approach and a new tool that Web Active Directory developed to help in this scenario.

Contact Web Active Directory for more information about the IISADMPWD replacement tool for IIS 7.


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