Branford Public Schools Success Story

The school now provisions students and staff accounts faster and with accurate information with PeoplePlatform.


The Branford Public Schools Success Story is similar to several other narratives of schools using PeoplePlatform.

PeoplePlatform empowers you to create, update, and deprovision users and other objects in your directory. You can delegate provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates to other users via configurable web forms. You can also do it in bulk from your data sources.

Additionally, the software can schedule jobs and workflow tasks to run any time after an application action occurs. This function makes licensing, and other maintenance tasks manageable as well as provides a framework for notifications and approvals on top of your directory processes. PeoplePlatform also constructs specific reports you need (with graphs) without scripting, coding, or using Excel.

Branford Public Schools, prior to using PeoplePlatform, was manually provisioning new students and employees.  The school was also manually updating Active Directory profiles taking up time and incurring an unwarranted cost.

Tom Pisani, Director of Technology at Branford Public Schools, said “Now we can provision a user in less than 30 seconds with a bulk file import.  Or we can also use a quick, easy, user-friendly web form that we can customize without scripting.   This is opposed to waiting for a google sheet to update or wait for a file to be generated and be manually entered and updated.  PeoplePlatform saves us hours of work.”

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In the story you can see how the school saves up to $10,500 annually and attained other benefits.  Also, you can learn more about Web Active Directory’, PeoplePlatform.  Web Active Directory provides a complete software suite of web-based Active Directory identity management solutions for your organization.

Learn more how you too can achieve an ROI by automating your Active Directory user and group management needs by using Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform. Contact an account manager for more information!

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