Consulting Services Should be a Value not a Requirement

Many software vendors require consulting services to either implement their software or make changes during the customer lifecycle.  The software is often so complicated only their team can implement the technology or even make changes to the software forcing consulting to be the only option.  The other reason is to deliver revenue for the vendor.

Web Active Directory takes a different approach.  We are a software company.  For us, that means to develop our software in an easily deployed and easy to use manner with minimal need for consulting services.

However, we do not walk away once we close the sale.

During the setup, our consulting team provides best practices, training, and integration with other systems and configuration.  In some cases, customers have our consulting team do the complete deployment.

Our goal is to provide the best Identity Access Management software in the market.


While we do provide consulting as part of the implementation, you have the option to choose how much (if any) consulting services needed during the relationship with Web Active Directory.

On Capterra, a website that provides a comprehensive list of business software solutions and reviews, a Web Active Directory PeoplePlatform customer stated “This is by far the easiest software that I’ve used. The program is full of options with many different features that make it easy to produce a unique look”.  Another customer said “We have had a great experience with Web Active Directory. It automates our user provisioning process flawlessly and has been a ‘set it and forget it’ product for us.”

Ultimately, for us, it is simple.  We want to provide the best software and service in the business.  We want you to take advantage of our team of experts.  However, our consulting services are a value, not a requirement.

For more information check out our Consulting Page or contact Sales if you have an interest in one of our solutions or any questions.

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