Converting Data to Proper Case

When provisioning and updating information in Active Directory, data doesn’t always come into you cleanly.  When you delegate to users to perform provisioning and update tasks via their web browser, they don’t always enter data cleanly.  When importing from other systems, more often than not you can’t rely on the data being in the format that you want.  One common example of this we see in our implementations is name data (first names, last names coming in as something other than proper case or title case.  It’s jarring to see names of users in your Active Directory in all caps.  Converting data to proper case that’s in all caps is an important function.

Converting Data to Proper Case in PowerShell

A PowerShell conversion to proper case is fairly straightforward.  The solution is slightly obscure.

$yourstring = "FIRSTNAME"
$yourstring = (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase($yourstring.ToLower())

Converting Data to Proper Case in Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform

Web Active Directory’s PeopleAudit allows you to transform data any way that you want it in the provisioning or update process.  Many transformations can be done without coding.

When you want to insert your favorite PowerShell routine or “snippet” into your one-off or bulk provisioning or update process, however, you can.  The video below shows how.


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