Real Time Active Directory G Suite Integration

Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) is a popular way to keep Active Directory in sync with G Suite.  This is the tool formerly known as GADS (Google Apps Directory Sync).  This is a valid way to keep data like user account information and groups consistent across the two platforms.

Mind the Gap

Our prospects express dissatisfaction over the gap of time where data is inconsistent that’s inherent in a syncing solution. This gap is especially frustrating when provisioning users.  It is troubling and possibly dangerous when updating or deprovisioning users.

A newly provisioned user is frustrated when they can’t immediately log in to G Suite.  The gap here is annoying because users can’t immediately be productive and have to wait for their account.

When a user’s status changes, for example changing job titles or locations, things get more interesting.  Often a change to a single data point like this can result in complex changes in your directory.  That is, a location or job change can lead to a user switching OUs, being a member of completely different groups, needing different attributes, etc.  A more important user status change in many ways is when a user is no longer with the company.   The deprovisioning process varies for each company, but all organizations have in common the need to limit the deprovisioned user’s access as quickly as possible.

In these instances, the gap is dangerous.  Security holes are not OK these days even for short periods of time.

Real Time Solution

The solution to the gap problem is a real time fix that can handle provisioning, updates, and deprovisioning with G Suite in real time.  Software solutions such as PeoplePlatform provide this real time integration with G Suite and Active Directory.  A newly provisioned user will have immediate access to their account.  When their password is reset, they don’t have to worry about waiting to login to other systems.  You can rest easy when they are updated or deprovisioned that they are thoroughly updated and deprovisioned immediately.  Security holes are not OK anymore.

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