Is your Help Desk Working Efficiently?

I recently saw a bulletin from a competitor of ours entitled “Customer Support is Experiencing a Slowdown”.    It was ironic since identity management solutions can help the efficiency of help desks and IT support.

Software can’t solve every help desk problem and inefficiency out there.  The problem I was reading about was like that.  We find that in most cases, however, we can help with reducing calls to IT departments and help desks while maintaining good experiences for end users.  When things are running smoothly you might not know you can make gains.

When a help desk is established and working, it’s possible to take for granted what type of calls they take.  Why not offload as many calls as possible?  Password reset software is a primary way to reduce calls.  It’s amazing to me how few organizations, including education sectors and government entities take advantage of password management solutions.   META Group states that help desks take an average of 1.75 calls per user per month and Gartner says 30% of those calls are password related.  Helpdesk password reset calls can be costly.

Web Active Directory Can Help

At Web Active Directory, we find that password management is a critical piece of IT support but that solutions aren’t always in place for many organizations.   Then as we begin to speak with prospects about their password reset needs, we often find that user management and provisioning needs are also neglected.

That matters, because our platform marries both of these solutions together in a way that significantly reduces unwarranted help desk calls through a self-service portal and moves the grunt work of account, computer, contact, and group maintenance (provisioning, updating, deprovisioning) away from the IT team.  IT can then oversee and control the processes in a smart, secure way only getting hands-on into the details if they need to.

While some organizations may need help to implement a new password and directory management solution, others are looking to make an improved upgrade.  Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform offloads the burden both help desk and IT face due to older or non-existent solutions. This allows you to focus on when something really critical happens….like a problem that software cannot solve.

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