Manage Active Directory efficiently and quickly

Managing Active Directory efficiently and quickly is critical for organizations.  Not doing so will enable incorrect data often leading to security threats.  When correctly assigning groups, policies and using best practices, the network management becomes easy and more secure.  It allows you to access data when needed with the comfort of knowing the data is accurate.

Accurately managing Active Directory will also reduce the security concerns once an employee leaves or is assigned a new role.  When making immediate changes or scheduled changes upon termination or profile updates provide the administrator the confidence needed that access to systems, company software, and other internal information are secure.

For example, if you get a request to manage devices within an organization, such as computers or laptops, a well-managed Active Directory allows you to access or update the information for each device without the need to manually audit.

There are multiple articles written about best practices for managing Active Directory.  We believe the way to manage Active Directory effectively is to make managing Active Directory easy.  A good software solution will do this for an organization.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform suite of products allows you to manage Active Directory efficiently and quickly providing accurate and secure data.

PeopleProvision and PeopleNexus

PeopleProvision is a simple-to-deploy, intuitive role-based Microsoft Active Directory account provisioning applications that enable you to delegate user account creation without having to give full access to Active Directory.  PeopleNexus allows you to delegate user creation and updates in Active Directory in bulk.  Self-Service Active Directory Provisioning releases IT from mundane, error-prone data entry tasks providing simple forms for others to fill out.  Data in Active Directory becomes cleaner and more secure.


PeopleUpdate empowers your users and business owners to securely and efficiently manage Active Directory for you.  Users can search an online corporate directory, update data, managing group memberships and managing passwords all based on their group memberships.  And you still have control over what can be updated.  Self-service Active Directory user and group management create a return on investment by empowering users to manage changes themselves safely and efficiently.


The PeoplePlatform suite of products provides both an analytics and a workflow engine called PeopleFlow.  Together, these make PeopleAudit.  Construct the specific reports you need (with graphs) without scripting, coding, or using Excel.  Run these web-based reports when you want and export the data where you want.  Control who can see or run different reports with configurable role-based security.  The workflow engine provides the ability for hundreds of agents to work for you monitoring your directory and performing maintenance tasks.

Using Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform will provide you capacity to manage Active Directory efficiently and quickly.  Contact an account manager to learn more how our software can help you with managing Active Directory.



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