Weird Attribute Names in Active Directory

For the most part, the LDAP names of Active Directory attributes are the same or very similar to their English-language descriptions. However, there are a few annoying exceptions that I’ve summarized here, including one of the more weird attribute names for the City attribute. The City attribute uses the letter “L” as its LDAP display name and “L” is short for locality name.

You can view a more detailed list of AD attributes and their Active Directory Users and Computers mappings in our blog post here. Check out some of the more weird names for attributes here.

First Name                          givenName
Last Name                           sn
Office                              physicalDeliveryOfficeName
E-Mail                              mail
UserLogon Name                      userPrincipalName
User logon name (pre-Windows 2000)  sAMAccountname
Street                              streetAddress
P.O.Box                             postOfficeBox
City                                l
State/Province                      st
Zip/Postal Code                     postalCode
Country/Region                      c, co, and countryCode
Phone                               telephoneNumber
Fax                                 facsimileTelephoneNumber
Notes                               info

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