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San Francisco Symphony Success

San Francisco Symphony Achieves Success with Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate   PeopleUpdate is part of the PeoplePlatform suite of solutions.  San Francisco Symphony achieved success with PeopleUpdate. PeopleUpdate allows you to get your users searching an online corporate directory, updating data, managing group memberships and managing passwords all based on their group memberships.  Self-service Active Directory

Paradigm Pioneers Success Story

Paradigm Pioneers Improved their Enterprise using Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform Solution When using Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform, many corporations have attained success similar to what you see in the Paradigm Pioneers success story. Steven Nuesch, CIO of Paradigm Pioneers, has happier clients since implementing Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform.  He is also using less of his

Galt Union School District Success Story

Galt Union School District uses PeoplePlatform to great effect in achieving ROI. The Galt Union School District Success Story is common at Web Active Directory. Kevin Clemmons is the Director of Technologies at Galt Unified School District. He has more time and resources now that he has deployed Web Active Directory’s provisioning and user management

See What They Are Saying About Us on Capterra!

See What They Are Saying About Us on Capterra!   Check out the new user reviews of Web Active Directory on Capterra.  Capterra is a free service to help businesses find the right software. Also, Capterra guarantees you’ll find the best match to your business software needs.  Capterra offers the most comprehensive list of business

Is Your Software Customer-Centric?

Is Your Software Customer-Centric? Is Your Software Customer-Centric?  Many software companies talk or write about their business being customer-centric.  That’s a good philosophy to have, though in today’s society, expected.   However, when technology companies say they are customer-centric, most are talking about the customer service, the sales cycle, or even their support model. In other

Get an ROI with PeoplePlatform

Get an ROI with PeoplePlatform. Organizations purchase software to make their company run more efficiently.  They expect an ROI to justify their purchases.  IT managers understand the requirement of an ROI and recognize that impact when deploying a suite of web-based identity management solutions in their organization, such as Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform. For instance,

Prevent Risk by Deprovisioning Terminated Employees

Prevent risk by deprovisioning terminated employees.  Businesses underestimate the risk of terminated employees. I wrote in a blog several months ago about deprovisioning security concerns.  My post focused on many organizations in the education sector not terminating access to email accounts.  It was concerning considering the risk these employees likely have access to other corporate

The Importance of a Password Management Policy

The importance of a password management policy solution should be obvious.  Even the smallest companies or organizations expect a password policy in place.  Active Directory allows you to set password policies depending on what the company demands. What is a Password Policy? Wikipedia defines a password policy as a set of rules designed to enhance

Manage Active Directory efficiently and quickly

Managing Active Directory efficiently and quickly is critical for organizations.  Not doing so will enable incorrect data often leading to security threats.  When correctly assigning groups, policies and using best practices, the network management becomes easy and more secure.  It allows you to access data when needed with the comfort of knowing the data is

IT spending will increase in 2017

The consensus among information technology research and advisory companies is that IT spending will be on the rise in 2017.  Gartner’s annual worldwide forecast predicts IT spending will increase 2.9 percent in 2017 from the previous year, totaling $3.5 trillion.  Software spending is expected to have the highest growth, with services and data center technology

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