Customer Service and Servant Leadership a perfect pair

Here at Web Active Directory we march to the same drum when it comes to what we say, and what we deliver. It’s called walking the talk.

We are som completely committed to customer service and to the values of servant leadership that we have published our customer promise on your website for all to see. We have even gone so far as to create a video about our views that you can view below.

Technology has gotten completely out of whack with customer service and has lowered the bar so much that we feel compelled to let everyone know that we are different here and you do not have to stand idly by while other companies treat their service as a cost center. Expect more… let me rephrase… DEMAND more!

If you are a customer (or even a prospect looking at our products) of WebAD, then you already know that we walk the talk.

WebAD has some really good competition out there from a product perspective, but I will guarantee you that none of them can match our service, and that is a promise!

Come see how we walk the talk!


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  1. Hi friend,
    Inspiring post !
    Client care is getting increasingly critical all the time. Web based
    businesses in particular need to think about these concepts.

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