Good Support Comes from a Good Support Culture

Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

That’s our mantra at WebAD when it comes to our support philosophy. I often spend more time than I plan each day supporting our customers and prospects and sometimes it seems like the effort detracts from other projects. I then remember how much I dislike being slighted when it comes to getting the assistance I need to do something I’m learning about. Good help is in short supply these days and we’re proud to offer the best help we can to the best of our abilities.

Our products are not always perfect—in fact, they’re often far from it. We do everything we can to help you meet your needs, though. We don’t offer different support tiers because our company culture emphasizes serving our customers before we serve ourselves—every customer is at the gold/platinum/plutonium/*ium support level. That means treating every customer with the same level of respect and making your needs into our needs. I expect good service when I buy a product and our customers are no different.

Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

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