Is Your Software Customer-Centric?

Is Your Software Customer-Centric?

Is Your Software Customer-Centric?  Many software companies talk or write about their business being customer-centric.  That’s a good philosophy to have, though in today’s society, expected.   However, when technology companies say they are customer-centric, most are talking about the customer service, the sales cycle, or even their support model. In other words, they are customer-centric in their pre and post-sale relationships.  Web Active Directory believes the same, though we take it a step further.  We make our software customer-centric.  There’s more to come on that later. defines customer-centric as “Creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale. A customer-centric approach can add value to a company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same experience.”

Companies, including Web Active Directory, believe personalized service is the obvious way to be customer-centric.  Customers then trust you and know you will be there if they need you.  They also make certain to ingrain deeply in their culture healthy customer relationships.

Customer-centric companies value details, even the smallest things, like returning calls within an hour or hand written thank you notes.  This relationship makes the customer feel appreciated and willing to continue the relationship with the business.

Web Active Directory strives to meet this expectation every day.  We understand the importance of a satisfied customer.  Our software reflects that customer-centric philosophy.

Our Company is Technology Focused and Customer Driven.

We build customer-centric software by listening to our clients (and prospects) needs.  We determine how to implement these requirements to the benefit of as many customers and prospects as possible.

Like any company, we have a keen focus on technology trends and are cognizant of how to reflect that in our software’s functionality.  Often there are good reasons for making sure our platform uses the latest in technology.  However, we do not believe in implementing new technologies or features just because it looks or sounds good.

Our use of technology is customer driven. Our customer’s and even prospects’ requirements drive what we do. Web Active Directory is customer-centric at its core, starting with the software.  We encourage client dialog with our development team.   In our fifteen year history, that philosophy has not changed.

As we speak with Analysts, market leaders, partners and customers alike, we often hear how refreshing it is to have an organization understand that being customer-focused means more than just service, but it includes the purpose of our company;  making our software customer-centric.

Finally, if you want to learn more about customer-centric software, please contact an account manager today.

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