Education Sector’s Unique Active Directory Management Challenges

Web Active Directory has helped several educational institutions streamline their management of Active Directory.  We can help you deal with student and employee surges, save time eliminating tedious data entry, and deliver a tangible ROI.


Have you had problems with:

  • Updating your Active Directory due to student or employee surges?
  • Having to manually provision and de-provision accounts in Active Directory?
  • Getting data out of a system of record into Active Directory?
  • Integrating your Student Information System with Office365 and G Suite?
  • Help Desk resetting employee’s passwords?

Our award-winning software enables secure, configurable web-based Active Directory provisioning, updating, directory, and password management solutions and can help reduce your time managing Active Directory by up to 50%.

We have provided that ROI to small and large organizations across the world such as Tumwater School District in Tumwater, Washington, Galt Union School District in Galt, California, Hodges University in Naples, Florida, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and multiple other schools.  View our Success Stories and see what others are saying!.


We can quickly:

  • Enable IT and/or end-users to safely provision users via configurable web forms with validation for error-free provisioning.
  • Get user data out of your existing systems in bulk into Active Directory via schedulable processes.
  • Empower you with configurable provisioning rules to save you from tedious work and error from repetitive action.
  • Implement automatic, hands free integration with Office365 and G Suite.
  • Establish a self-service password reset solution.

Check out all of our Identity Management Solutions.  You can preview and request one of our White Papers or contact us today and let us know if we can help you.

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