More than an Active Directory Password Reset Tool: PeoplePassword

PeoplePassword goes beyond the standard Active Directory Password Reset tool providing self-service password management, help desk functionality, and peace of mind with multi-factor authentication.

Beyond an Active Directory Password Reset Tool

Stop taking password reset calls.  Stop taking account unlock calls.  Provide a portal where users can change their passwords.  Do it all with configurable multi-factor authentication.  If you want to make use of email, phone, or SMS as means to identify users but your Active Directory doesn’t contain this data it’s not a problem.  You can capture it during the registration process.

Full reporting for administrators on the state of your user’s passwords.  Help Desk functionality aides your help desk in identifying and assisting users.  Require users to answer questions, let them choose from a list to answer, and/or even let them write their own questions.  Over fifty questions provided with the software.

Responsive user interface looks great on large monitors down to low-resolution flip-phones.

Windows lock screen functionality helps users locked out of their machine.

See our solution page for more information about the benefits of Password Management.

See our PeoplePassword product page for more information about the product behind the solution.

Contact us to learn more or to discuss and/or see a demonstration.

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