Reset Passwords in G Suite and Multiple Platforms

Google’s administrative interface isn’t as friendly as desired to find sets of users and reset passwords in G Suite.  With directories of even only a few hundred users, it can be difficult to use.  There isn’t the sufficient granularity for role-based security to perform administrative functions. Admins get the ability to do everything (including delete objects or wreck all sorts of havoc) or nothing.  Talking to customers and prospects, we see frustrations from administrators trying to keep their user’s G Suite passwords in sync with other directory platforms such as Azure Active Directory and/or Active Directory.

In PeopleUpdate, part of our PeoplePlatform set of Identity Management Solutions, we fill the gap to solve these problems.  You can selectively delegate to admins the ability to find users in G Suite and reset their passwords.  Multiple users can be selected and affected at once.  Even better, your admins can find users in G Suite but reset passwords simultaneously in multiple platforms.

These kinds of password resets are performed without using multi-factor authentication to help identify the users being affected.  This process is useful in situations where such authentication isn’t needed or in a situation where authority is resetting a user’s password who is there in person who can be readily identified.

This functionality comes out of the box ready to configure if needed.  For example, you could give admins the option to force the affected user to change their password the next time they logon.



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