Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management Solutions for on Premise Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite

Web Active Directory offers identity management solutions to real business problems.  Our goal is to deliver a tangible return on investment for you.  Learn more by selecting a solution below.

User and Other Directory Object Provisioning

Identity Mangement Solutions: User Provisioning
Manage users and contacts in Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite by single user or in bulk.  Delegate functions and activities safely at a fine level of control.  Simple, configurable, error-proof interfaces empower your end-users to create powerful results.  Provision update, and manage users and contacts with easy-to-use configurable web forms or from your data sources.  Decide what to do with duplicates when provisioning.  Management means keeping things simple for your end-users without sacrificing functionality.   Provide read-only query and detail views allow you to create a handy corporate directory.
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User and Group Management

Identity Mangement Solutions: User and Group Management
Provisioning groups and computers means creating objects with membership and attributes the way you want and deciding exactly what you want to do if those objects already exist.  Delegate creation via configurable web forms or from your data sources.    Work by single group or computer or in bulk.  Manage groups in on premise Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite.  Manage computers in on premise Active Directory.
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Self-Service Password Management

Identity Mangement Solutions: Password Management
Tired of taking password reset calls? Users locked out of their computers and unable to help themselves? Empower users and help-desk with a password reset, change, and account unlock solution that’s completely configurable and supports multi-factor authentication.  Allow real-time password management in on premise Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite.  Notify users when their password will expire under your control.
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Auditing and Reporting

Identity Mangement Solutions: Directory Management
Provide targeted views of Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite information.  Enable users to report on and export hard to find data to multiple formats.  All reports can be duplicated and customized to your liking without scripting or coding.  Graphing and drill-down support for improved analysis.  Schedule reports for email delivery to whom you choose with whatever frequency you want.  Monitoring solutions for groups and users give you real-time knowledge if your important users and groups have changed in ways that could compromise your secure environment.
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Identity Mangement Solutions in the cloud
Identity Mangement Solutions in the cloud and on premise both
Identity Mangement Solutions on Premise
Web Active Directory offers business solutions with three deployment options to meet your needs. Be completely in the cloud, completely on premise, or a mix depending on what you want to do.
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