Active Directory Password Management

Active Directory Password Management

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Active Directory Password Management

Business Problems
Web Active Directory Password Management

Inefficiency (Loss of $$)

  • Organizations require skilled IT staff to take lost/expired password calls.  Hence expensive and leads to frustrated IT employees
  • Users have to wait for help-desk support if they are working during non-traditional hours or are in different time zones
  • Users don’t know when their password is going to expire leading to mass confusion and many tickets when they try to login and can’t

Increased Organizational Efficiency

  • Safely delegate password change and reset functions to end-users or low-cost frontline support staff letting skilled staff do skilled work
  • Users can resolve problems themselves 24×7 with no loss of productivity waiting for support
  • Notify users ahead of time when passwords are going to expire at the specified frequency you’d like

Loss of Security

  • Organizations email new passwords or users write them down during a phone call creating security problems
  • Help Desk is prone to hackers using social engineering to impersonate other users which can lead to disaster.  See: Securing Help Desks against Hackers

More Secure Environment

  • Automated reset/change/unlock process takes a very short time making users less likely to write down passwords
  • Problems are resolved more securely with configurable multi-factor authentication by user
  • Stronger password rules can be enforced
  • End users and the Help Desk are empowered, users and the company are kept safe

No visibility into password changes and/or resets

  • Ad-hoc phone calls have no record kept

Web-based reporting on demand

  • On demand visibility and complete history of users with expired passwords, who is changing and/or resetting their passwords, etc.

Securing websites and web applications is difficult

  • Requires coding or changes to the application and/or websites themselves (every page must check to see if a user accessing the application still has a valid password!)
  • Difficult for applications and sites to authenticate against Active Directory
  • Difficult for applications and sites to authenticate against the local password store)

Secure websites and applications easily

  • Install doesn’t interfere with existing applications and handles password expirations and disabled/deleted users
  • No coding or application changes required
  • Authentication possible against Active Directory and/or the local Windows password (SAM) database
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