Active Directory User and Group Management

Active Directory User and Group Management

Relevant products: PeopleUpdate, PeopleNexus

Active Directory User and Group Management

Business Problems
Active Directory User and Group Management Solutions

Inefficiency (Loss of $$)

  • A change to Active Directory requires a call to over-qualified IT staff
  • Using Windows Server tools to update/manage Active Directory is slow and clunky
  • Trying to do bulk updates isn’t feasible manually.  Writing scripts often results in difficult to maintain hacks where if the author leaves the company the intelligence of what was done is lost.  This is costly.
  • Taking calls to add and remove users to and from groups is costly

Increased Organizational Efficiency

  • Delegate data views and edits safely under the supervision of IT
  • Updates and queries done quickly via an easy-to-use, configurable web interface (only present you or users with what you want them to see)
  • Bulk updates from your data sources (databases, files) is configurable through the user interface without coding or scripting.  Run bulk updates manually or hands free on a scheduled basis
  • Delegate group management easily and securely

Loss of Security

  • Updating Active Directory directly through a Windows Server interface is prone to loss of data
  • Using Windows Server tools to update Active Directory gives no role-based visibility/editing of data

More Secure Environment

  • Only delegate users (or yourself) with what they are allowed to see and edit
  • Audit trail with notifications when data is changed
  • Role-based visibility and editing capability of data
  • Active Directory user and group management solutions allow you to stop providing users and groups access to Active Directory in its entirety

Loss of Visibility

  • Updating Active Directory using conventional tools yields no notifications of audit history

Gain Visibility

  • Optionally notify users when data changes

Can’t Manage User Images

  • Not possible to do using Windows Server OS tools

Easily Manage User Images

  • Present images from the filesystem (with filenames coming from an Active Directory attribute), jpegPhoto, or thumbnailPhoto
  • Optionally allow users to edit their own or other’s images
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