Active Directory User Provisioning

Active Directory User Provisioning

Relevant products: PeopleProvision, PeopleNexus

Active Directory User Provisioning

Business Problems
Web Active Directory Active Directory User Provisioning

Inefficiency (Loss of $$)

  • IT staff must deal with new hire growth and turnover
  • Manually creating users in Active Directory, mailboxes (like Exchange, gmail, etc), and potentially thousands of other cloud applications is slow and tedious
  • Trying to do the aforementioned manual creation of users in bulk is often not possible to do manually
  • De-provisioning users creates the same tedious, costly pain

Increased Organizational Efficiency

  • Automate account creation from very simple (configurable) web forms or in bulk from programs like Excel and/or databases
  • Simple provisioning from web form and/or bulk import automates the creation of accounts in Active Directory and over 2,000 other cloud-based systems
  • De-provisioning cleans everything in an automated fashion
  • Run bulk provisioning manually or hands free on a scheduled basis
  • Simple forms and input sets translate into clean, full entries in Active Directory and other systems

Managing Cloud Application Integration

  • Users must remember multiple passwords and sign in multiple times to many different systems

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Single sign-on (sign in one time using one password) is possible with over 2,000 cloud applications; ask us how and what systems we support

One-size fits all provisioning solutions

  • Some solutions may get you 75% there, but are not customizable and configurable

Customizable and Configurable Solutions

  • Web Active Directory Active Directory user provisioning solutions work out of the box but are configurable for a snug fit to your needs

No visibility into provisioning and de-provisioning

  • Manual provisioning has no record or history unless someone chooses to do that manually in an ad hoc document or repository
  • Errors in de-provisioning lead to security risks as former workers continue to have access to systems

Gain history and visibility

  • Reports and history built-in
  • Automating de-provisioning eliminates security holes
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