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You can easily add more languages to PeoplePassword for localization or change the default English-language text. Each of the PeoplePassword web applications–Admin Center, Enrollment Center and Recovery Center–has its own localization page. To access the page, just go to the web application home page and then change the path to http://YourAppRoot:8302/Admin/ManageLocalization.aspx This will allow you to access the localization page if you are in an authorized group.

Refer to the following link for information about securing localization pages:

Managing Text

Each web application has a set of localization resources, including the default English-language resources. For the English localization set, select a node from the panel on the left and then enter the text you’d like in the editor on the right side of the page. Once you complete your edits, save the changes and test the web application to ensure the changes are preserved.

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