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You might need to migrate PeopleUpdate to a new server for a number of reasons. In general, the migration process is very simple and just follow the guidelines below for a successful migration. Also remember that the PeopleUpdate Installation Guide at http://www.webactivedirectory.com/products/peopleupdate (see the Documents tab) has information for product upgrades and migrations.

Note: You should not need to enter your serial number again since the configuration file you copy contains the key. You might keep the serial number handy, though, in case you do need it.

  1. Download the proper version of PeopleUpdate from the WebAD download site. Contact the Web Active Directory Sales Team if you need the download site URL.
  2. Install PeopleUpdate on your new server.
  3. Verify that the base installation of PeopleUpdate runs okay.
  4. Copy the PeopleUpdate XML configuration file from the old installation (typically located in the PeopleUpdate\Configuration directory and called WebADConfiguration.xml) to the same location on the new server. Make sure you replace the new default configuration file.
  5. Copy over any branding images (PeopleUpdate\Images\Branding) and style sheets (PeopleUpdate\Styles\MainStyle.css) that you have customized. This is optional if you haven’t customized either your logo or style sheet.
  6. Test the new installation to make sure everything works okay.
  7. Make any IIS and DNS changes you need to cut over to the new server.

Contact the Web Active Directory Support Team for questions about any of the steps in this procedure.

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