Auto Enrollment for Windows Self-Service Password Reset

When we first launched our self-service password reset solution, PeoplePassword, One of the questions we recieved early on was how our customers could use their own HR or student database to pre-enroll their users.  This would enable them to auto enroll users with questions and answers that they would know based on their own personal information such as DOB, employee, or student number, ect.

We are pleased to announce that our engineers came up with exactly that, a data import utility that can use your existing data to pre-enroll users.  This is available to all of our existing PeoplePassword customers, or as an add-on feature for our new customers.  Please let us know if you would like to see a live demo of PeoplePassword and if this new utility would help your organization deploy a self-service password reset tool more efficiently.

For more information contact us at, or call us at (+1) 800-747-3565

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