Web Active Directory’s Press Releases

  • Web Active Directory, LLC releases a new product version of PeoplePlatform with mapped updates and a framework to create forms and functions to delegate to end-users. Dallas, TX—April 10, 2017PeoplePlatform empowers you to create, update, and deprovision users and other objects in your directory.  You can delegate provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates to other users via

  • Web Active Directory, LLC announces new partnership with Paradigm Pioneers, Inc. Dallas, TX—March 6, 2017Web Active Directory, LLC announces new partnership with Paradigm Pioneers, Inc. Web Active Directory is pleased to announce the addition of Paradigm Pioneers, Inc. to our growing education sector client list.  Paradigm Pioneers has selected Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform to manage and

  • Web Active Directory, LLC releases PeopleAudit providing robust analytics and auditing. Dallas, TX—February 21, 2017Web Active Directory LLC Releases PeopleAudit The PeoplePlatform suite of products provides both an analytics and a workflow engine called PeopleFlow.  Together, these make PeopleAudit.  Construct the specific reports you need (with graphs) without scripting, coding, or using Excel.  Run these web-based

  • Web Active Directory, LLC Extends its Growth into the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Space Finishing Strongest Ever FY2016 Dallas, TX—January 17, 2017Success was accomplished by expanding the PeoplePlatform solution with continued emphasis on new product development and offerings.  Multiple releases were made throughout the year to each product offering and the PeoplePlatform Suite.  “We

  • Web Active Directory, LLC releases a new software version that continues to expand its growth into the Identity Management space. Dallas, TX—December 15, 2016Building on the Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform product suite, PeopleNexus and PeopleProvision v3.4 are significantly enhanced with the ability to openly configure business objects and business rules to map your business processes

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