Web Active Directory LLC Announces over 200% Year over Year Growth

Dallas, TXJanuary 14, 2016

Web Active Directory, LLC/- Web Active Directory, LLC continues to extend its growth into the Identity Management space with over 200% year over year growth.

Growth has been accomplished by ongoing improvements to the PeoplePlatform solution and continued emphasis in new product development and offerings. Multiple releases were made throughout the year to each product offering and the PeoplePlatform Suite. “One goal we have is to exceed the expectations of our customer base by quickly meeting needs based on direct feedback. Not only are we gauging where the market is moving, but we never want to lose sight of our customer-centric vision that is part of the culture at Web Active Directory” says Keith Nordin, CEO. “With this philosophy, we have received awards such as the 2015 Reader’s Choice Award for Active Directory Provisioning/Administration from Redmond Magazine.” This award was decided by the readers’ responses to surveys, not the magazine itself.

Part of the company’s growth came from acquiring new customers in the Fortune 500 space as well as continuing to serve existing large accounts such as The Kellogg Company, FiServ and TripAdvisor, government agencies like the Department of Energy and Security Exchange Commission and educational systems that include Carnegie Mellon and Hill College.

Speaking about platform futures, Robert Baptist, CTO stated “we see the full spectrum of companies where some want to be completely in the cloud, others want to be completely on premise, and a third category who wants their AD deployment to be behind their firewall but our software to work in the cloud and to interact with other cloud services and single sign-on. We have strategically aligned ourselves in a positon that we can offer all three, on premise, cloud or hybrid in the coming year. This allows IT technologists’ ultimate deployment flexibility according to need.”

“We have a lofty vision for the coming years. One that will require new ideas for the Identity Management space. Though Web Active Directory has been around over twelve years we still have the mentality and agility of a startup company and will continue our success by providing a customer centric philosophy to the ongoing product development”, stated Baptist.

About Web Active Directory, LLC

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform web-enabling Active Directory technologies. We provide software and services on premise or in the cloud saving money and time for IT technologists and empowering end-users not to be beholden to them. For more information, please visit: www.webactivedirectory.com.

Russell Moratelli
Web Active Directory, LLC
Phone: 469-616-3477


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