Powershell Office365 Timing Issues

When is a successful command in PowerShell really not successful yet?  Sometimes when working with Office365 online or other cloud systems using PowerShell we just don’t know.  Working with the cloud can present problems of timing.  When you issue a command and it returns success, you expect that it worked.  The trouble is, it might take a few minutes to really work.  When you issue the next command in your script and you expected that the last one worked but it hasn’t exactly worked yet, things can get ugly.

Nobody wants to keep adding
Start-Sleep -s 10
to their PowerShell scripts again and again. (Question: “Umm is 10 seconds going to be enough? The script sure is getting slow.” Answer: “I hope so!”).  Hope isn’t a strategy.

Timing Issues with PowerShell and the Cloud

It gets even more complex when timing issues only happen sometimes. Business processes are left in a strange state of uncertainty which isn’t a good place when we need things to work with precision.

One way to solve these problems is with effective workflow solutions such as Web Active Directory’s PeopleFlow.

Follow this link and select our Whitepaper entitled:  Solving Office365 and Cloud Timing Issues Using Workflow Solutions to read more detail about these problems and how they can be resolved.

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