Self-service Web-based Password Reset for Active Directory

Self-service Web-based Password Reset for Active Directory reduces calls to helpdesks.  Reducing unwanted help desk calls provides verifiable ROI and allows users to avoid lengthy calls to reset their passwords.  Choosing the correct password reset solution is important in attaining ROI.  Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword is an easy deployable self-service password reset solution.  Users can change their password – without helpdesk’s assistance – using PeoplePassword.   In addition,  passwords can be changed based on the policy the administrator or company requirements.

Some of the Benefits of Using PeoplePassword:

Excellent Return on Investment

Customers experience an immediate ROI once implementing PeoplePassword.  A client under 1,000 employees recently said they reduced calls to the IT team from 40 to 50 per week to zero saving an estimated $20,000 a year. You can also calculate your ROI using our calculator here.

Reducing help desk workload and the costs of the workforce will increase productivity and provide an even greater return on investment.

Improved Employee Productivity

When a user eliminates the need to open a ticket or call the help desk asking for assistance in resetting their password, they increase productivity.  Our self-service solution allows for immediate access to systems with multi-factor authentication for allowing the user to reset their password securely.

Lessen the burden on Help Desk or IT

Eliminate unwarranted calls to the help desk by using a password reset solution.  In turn, the help desk reduces frustration from lost productivity and delays in finishing other projects while providing fewer interruptions during the day.

Enhanced Security by Not Sharing Sensitive Information

PeoplePassword prevents employees needing to share sensitive password information with IT or the help desk.  When not sharing this information, the risk of misuse of passwords of another employee is eliminated.  Allowing users to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts provides a much more secure environment and protection for all users.  Finally, it allows the company to comply with the standard of the company’s password policy.

 Easily Deployable for Immediate Use

The installation of PeoplePassword is simple and provides many “out of the box” suggestions along with documentation and support staff to assist.  It includes a complete reporting module to track usage and ROI.  It ships with over 50 questions out of the box that you can use or if you choose, you can create your questions.  And as you would expect, PeoplePassword also has a mobile friendly, responsive user interface.

More Pleasurable Work Experience

When eliminating the mundane tasks of resetting user’s passwords manually, the work experience is more pleasurable.  While an intangible benefit, all agree this makes the work day less cumbersome and will make the day more enjoyable.

Lastly, you can find many other features, including our promise to you, here.  The best self-service Web-based Password Reset for Active Directory on the market is PeoplePassword.  Contact an account manager today to learn more information or request an evaluation of our award winning solution

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