Remind Users of Upcoming Password Expirations: PeopleMinder

Remind Users of Upcoming Password Expirations: PeopleMinder

Remind Users of Upcoming Password Expirations

Remote users can be the toughest to manage when it comes to password expirations.  Remind users of upcoming password expirations before they call the help desk. PeopleMinder is also configurable to notify any other group in your Active Directory as well.

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  • Send unique password reminder notifications to different groups
  • Configure how often notifications are sent
  • Configure notifications in rich text or HTML
  • Decreased help desk calls
  • More compliant with password policy
  • Deploy in less than 30 minutes
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PeopleMinder System Requirements

PeopleMinder, Web Active Directory’s Windows password reminder solution for Windows, is a .NET application that runs from the Windows command line. PeopleMinder includes the following detailed system requirements.

Requirement Description
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016

Web, Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter Edition for Server 2008 or Foundation, Essentials, Standard or Datacenter Edition for Server 2012: Hosts PeopleMinder application.Important Note:  Please ensure the installation server is not a domain controller and is only a member server in the domain.  The server must be in the Web Server role and IIS authentication must be included.
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1 Runs .NET applications. You must install at least version 4.5.1 of the .NET Framework. You can download the framework from Microsoft’s download site at
Windows service account with permissions to execute searches in Active Directory (Optional) Used by PeopleMinder to run the utility and connect to Active Directory to search for users with expiring passwords
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