Active Directory Contact Deprovisioning

Active Directory contact deprovisioning has never been easier than with Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform.  Deprovision contacts via configurable web forms that you can use yourself or delegate to others or in bulk from your data sources.

Everybody’s deprovisioning process differs slightly.  PeoplePlatform allows you to configure business rules to enable you to do what you need.  When deprovisioning contacts, for example, most opt to delete them.  You can, however, do things like move them to a special OU and disable them so that you can revive them later.  (You could opt to retain or remove their group membership at this point.)  Configure different rules for different situations or stick with the defaults.

Using Web Forms for Deprovisioning Contacts in Active Directory

Configuring web forms for deprovisioning contacts in Active Directory is useful by saving your team time.  Your team can use these forms themselves or delegate to others with role-based security.  All fields on the forms are completely configurable.  PeoplePlatform includes samples that can be duplicated and configured to your liking.

You can configure query screens to control how your users find contacts for deprovisoning.  You can limit the scope of what’s searchable by your end-users role in your organization.  At that point, the end-user can choose one or more contacts to deprovision at the same time.

Bulk Active Directory Contact Deprovisioning

Bulk deprovisioning contacts from Active Directory is useful for ensuring your directory is always up to date with other systems– especially systems of record.  You can define how deprovisioning inputs come from your data source and how these are used to match contacts to be deprovisioned.  Schedule bulk jobs to occur with whatever frequency you want.  Be notified as much or as little as you’d like including robust exception notifications.

Reviving Deprovisioned Contacts in Active Directory

Employees and students leave and re-join the same organization multiple times.  Schools and organizations affected by seasonal demand especially see this.  With PeoplePlatform you can make reviving contacts easy either through a web interface or automatically from bulk processes.



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