Azure Active Directory (Office365) Contact Provisioning

Azure Active Directory contact provisioning has never been easier than with Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform.  Provision contacts via configurable web forms that you can use yourself or delegate to others or in bulk from your data sources.

Users Versus Contacts in the Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem

In Azure Active Directory and Office365, users are representations of accounts that can log in and have permissions.  Contacts cannot login, do not have permissions, and are used for contact information used in email lists or other purposes.  An organization might store contact information for suppliers or other 3rd parties who don’t need to login, but whose contact information is convenient to be able to retrieve.  Contacts live as mail users in Exchange Online.

Using Web Forms for Provisioning Contacts into Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online

Configuring web forms for provisioning contacts into Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online is useful in saving your team time.  Your team can use these forms themselves or delegate to others with role-based security.  All fields on the form are completely configurable.  PeoplePlatform includes sample forms that can be duplicated and configured to your liking.

Relatively simple forms with dropdowns, validation, and input masks upon submission can expand into many more attributes in the newly created object and affect many results in the provisioning process.  For example, if an end-user selects a location on a provisioning form that might affect the contact’s address attributes.

PeoplePlatform allows you to configure business rules and output mappings to make this happen.

Bulk Provisioning Contacts into Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online

Bulk provisioning contacts into Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online is useful for ensuring your directory is always up to date with other systems– especially systems of record.  Define how inputs come from your data source and how transformations into contact data occur.  Schedule bulk jobs to occur with whatever frequency you want.  Be notified as much or as little as you’d like including robust exception notifications.

Handling Duplicates while Provisioning

Handling Duplicates while Provisioning

Provisioning Contacts isn’t Always About Creating Them

Whether provisioning contacts with single entries or in bulk, it’s not always about creating new records.  Bulk processes especially must handle duplicates.  Define what constitutes a duplicate and how PeoplePlatform handles them.  Options include updating the contact (beneficial for bulk processes), ignoring it, or always creating a unique contact.  You can take control of your processes.



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