Instant Online Corporate Directory: PeopleSearch

instant online corporate directory

PeopleSearch:  More than an Instant Online Corporate Directory

PeopleSearch provides targeted views of Active Directory information based on a user’s group membership and enables you to export and report on hard to find data with a single click.  It’s more than just an instant online corporate directory.  You can enable select users to see only the data that you want them to see in only the parts of your Active Directory that you want them to visit.  Allow users to search for users on attributes that you choose.  Full Active Directory image support.  Perfect to quickly publish a corporate directory to your internal intranet.

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  • Web-based directory that can be set up in less than 30-minutes
  • Manage access control lists to target views
  • View photos either from the file system or using Active Directory’s thumbnailPhoto and/or jpegPhoto attributes
  • Navigate entire organizational chart based on manager relationships
  • Localize your views by region, country, language, ect.
  • Implement on SharePoint® or any other portal platform
  • Deploy in simple to complex forest and domain architectures
  • Supports multi-forested environments and resource forests
  • Create LDAP queries to pull difficult to obtain Active Directory data
  • Export any search or LDAP query into Excel® for reporting
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PeopleSearch Architecture Diagram

PeopleUpdate Diagram

PeopleSearch System Requirements

PeopleUpdate, Web Active Directory’s solution for Active Directory search, self service and delegated updates, is an ASP.NET web application that runs on the Windows IIS web server. PeopleUpdate includes the following detailed system requirements.

Requirement Description
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Web, Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter Edition

Windows Server 2016

Hosts PeopleSearch application. Please ensure the server is not a domain controller
and is a member server in a domain you are managing.Important Note: The server must be in
the Web Server role and IIS authentication must be included.
IIS 7 or later Hosts web applications
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1 Web application framework. You must install at least Service Pack 1 of the .NET
Framework and Web Active Directory recommends that you install Service Pack 2. You
can download thisfrom Microsoft’s download site at
Windows service account with permissions to search Active Directory Used by PeopleSearch to search in Active Directory
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