Enabling Accurate Data Entry for Identity and Access Managment Tasks

When providing a provisioning, deprovisioning, or management form to your end-users or employees, it’s important to make the experience enjoyable and straightforward.  Nobody loves data entry.  Enabling accurate data entry is important for your business.  Making it simple is essential for adoption among your end-users and employees.

With Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform we’ve focused on enabling you to configure forms in ways that will minimize errors from your end-users.

On any form, you can create fields that are required, adjust their position on the form, width, and maximum length, create dropdowns populated with values that you specify.  You can allow selections in one dropdown to affect what’s populated in another.

Create lookup fields on your forms so that when your users start typing, it queries your directory with choices from a menu.  Construct fields with input masks to force the format of entry like a phone number to be in a certain format.  There are also date/calendar pickers that you can configure and more.

You control what fields appear on what forms and how these inputs work into your provisioning, deprovisioning, and management processes.   PeoplePlatform gives you the ability to create forms that have just a few input fields that behind the scenes can perform multiple actions.  For example, you might have a simple user update form with only a location dropdown on it.  Changing that one location for one or more users can change their OU/org path, group membership, licensing, and multiple attributes on multiple platforms all at once in real-time.  Pre-configured business rules keep your user’s data entry simple but make your result worthwhile.

All of this without scripting or coding.

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