Get an ROI with PeoplePlatform

Get an ROI with PeoplePlatform.

Organizations purchase software to make their company run more efficiently.  They expect an ROI to justify their purchases.  IT managers understand the requirement of an ROI and recognize that impact when deploying a suite of web-based identity management solutions in their organization, such as Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform.

For instance, when using a password management solution, an ROI is easily measured because you are reducing calls from your helpdesk.  So if you can predict how much fewer calls the helpdesk receives for password reset, you can measure your ROI.  You can learn more about PeoplePassword, our password management solution, here.  Measuring an ROI for provisioning users or updating your directory should be as simple.

Thankfully there are multiple ways of measuring an ROI with a provisioning solution, such as Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform.

Automate your Provisioning Process

The obvious way is automating the provisioning process.  Manually setting up Active Directory accounts is slow, monotonous and error prone.  Speaking with a client recently, I asked if the solution had reduced the cost to complete the provisioning processes he had his staff doing manually.  His response was staggering.  He has nearly 11,000 students (K-12 school).  He said, “The provisioning solution has allowed us to create Active Directory accounts for thousands of students in minutes – this process was taking several days, if not weeks using our manual method.”  So, automating the process and redirecting these resources alone will provide measurable ROI.

Simplify your Provisioning Process

Another method is simplifying your current processes.  While conversing with prospects, we find multiple ways of enumerating how they can lighten their load by automating their provisioning processes.  While each organization is unique, most find products they can sunset by utilizing an Identity Management solution.  Just this week, I spoke with a company using three products and frustrated with each.  Streamlining these products into one solution allows them to reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance and lessen the complexity and cost of managing multiple products.

Reduce IT Resources in your Provisioning Process

A third way is reducing IT resources with daily updates and provisioning.   Utilizing the Web Active Directory automated solution minimizes error prone mistakes significantly.  It allows users to access information immediately without having delays from waiting for IT to process a backlog of edits.  A customer shared with me that they (IT) would get calls throughout the day asking for edits or updates to a profile.  As you can imagine, these calls would distract the team from their direct responsibilities, impacting their performance.  Deploying PeoplePlatform took that burden off of IT and reduced IT errors to 0%.  Even worse is giving users in other parts of your organization access to operating system tools to do the work there.  This is generally not a secure or safe solution even if those users have the ability to do it.

In addition, an intangible benefit is simply the experience around working with up to date, accurate information. This makes for a much more pleasurable work environment.

Finally, if you want to learn how more about PeoplePlatform, please contact an account manager today.

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