Self-service Active Directory Update Solutions

Self-service Active Directory update solutions reduce mundane tasks for IT.  Rethinking who manages your Active Directory data seems at first like a daunting task.  However, if IT can control who can update and manage the data, and which data they have access to see and update, the concern goes away.  Empowering your users and business owners to securely and efficiently manage this data for you reduces the time for IT to do mundane tasks.  Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate is part of the PeoplePlatorm suite of Identity Management solutions.  Hence, PeopleUpdate is a self-service Active Directory update solution.

Features and Benefits of a Self-service Active Directory Update Solution

Greater Control and Security

First, IT can control what data others can see and manage regulating user data visibility and input based on company requirements.  No longer do you have to give access to Operating System tools to your end users.

Easy Configurability

An intuitive administrative interface allows IT admins to build forms so users can begin updating their own or others’ information quickly.  These forms can be edited and constructed without coding or scripting.

Accuracy and Uniformity

By constructing forms with intuitive validation and dropdowns with clear choices for users, the data input is less prone to human error, consistent and uniform.

Lower Cost and Increased Efficiency

Delegating data entry and updates to less highly paid individuals is less costly.  Empowering subject matter experts to update data they are knowledgeable about increases efficiency.

Manage Group Membership

Users can manage group membership either by working with the groups themselves or through the user end where memberships can be edited.

Manage Passwords

IT can delegate password management to help desk, managers, administrators, or others controlling who can change or reset passwords.

Image Management

Let managers, HR, or others manage user’s images through standard directory attributes or the file system.

Quickly search contact information of your colleagues using a corporate directory on your internal intranet.  In addition, you can enable select users to see only the data that you want them to see in only the parts of your Active Directory that you want them to visit.  Also, administrators can even allow end users to update their own profile pictures at will.  Let managers, HR, or others view the corporate org chart in an easy to read tree structure.

Reporting and Auditing

Lastly, IT can create LDAP queries and construct query screens for themselves and end users to view hard to get Active Directory data quickly.  Reports complete with charts can be constructed without scripting or coding.  Also, query and delete old, unwanted or unused Active Directory objects.  For additional security, optional notifications are available when any changes are made to your Active Directory.

Using PeopleUpdate, employees can update their own personal information. And when appropriate,  you can empower users to update other employee’s data.  IT technical expertise is not wasted on mundane clerical activities. In about 20-minutes, you can get your users searching an online corporate directory, updating data, managing group memberships, and managing passwords all driven by role-based security.  So, self-service Active Directory user and group management create a return on investment by empowering users to manage changes themselves safely and efficiently.

Finally, you can find many other features, including our promise to you, here.  The best Web-based Self-service Active Directory update on the market is PeopleUpdate.  Contact an account manager today to learn more information or request an evaluation of our award-winning solution

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