Powershell cmdlet designer

I just came across this link to the Powershell cmdlet designer in a Jeffrey Snover post on his 2009 resolutions.  I had no idea that the Powershell cmdlet designer was out there –  where have I been you ask?  I follow quite a few feeds, including Jeffrey Snover specifically and all of the Technet blog posts.

Anyway, this Powershell cmdlet designer allows developers to create new cmdlets using a web gui interface, looks very slick and I will be passing this along to our developers at Web Active Directory.  Powershell is a tool we are currently using extensively in a new product we are developing …are your interested yet?  We have been using scripts, and existing already created cmdlets, etc, but this is very exciting and should speed our development of new cmdlets that we can then give to you!

Take a look at Jeffrey Snover’s post, he’s a genius


…and definitely check out the Powershell cmdlet designer


Powershell is the future for Windows admin, SE’s, etc.  Want to be a top SE, be good at Powershell.  Want a job at Web Active Directory?…be awesome at Powershell.

Want to learn more about tools to help manage Active Directory, visit us at http://www.webactivedirectory.com

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