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Matt Gudites, Lead Application Analyst at Hodges University, reassigned his Help Desk resources to more urgent issues now that he has deployed Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword.Hodges University Logo


The challenges Hodges University faced were:

The Help Desk was Manually Resetting Passwords

The Help Desk was manually resetting passwords for students and staff by phone and email.

Unique Requirements Other Solutions Would Not Satisfy

The presence of unique requirements disqualified considering other solutions.

Limited IT Resources

Limited IT resources with no budget to hire additional staff made it so that Hodges could not just hire more people to throw at the problem.

Web Active Directory’s People Password Solution

After implementing Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword, Hodges University established a more efficient process because:

The Help Desk no Longer had to Micro-Manage Users

The Help Desk was removed from the process of resetting passwords saving them time for other issues while providing a more secure process for the users.

The Solution Satisfied Hodges’ Unique Requirements

No other competing product allowed for customization.  Without this extensibility, PeoplePassword would have not satisfied solution requirements.

Hodges Didn’t have to Hire More Staff

The automation PeoplePassword provided immediately reduced the need to hire additional Help Desk staff.

Web Active Directory is receptive and open to working with clients making the solution meet the requirements of the customer.

Matt Gudites


After years of using Web Active Directory, Hodges University can conclude:

Automation Led to Efficiency

Automating the self-service password reset solution with PeoplePassword, IT was able to dedicate an estimated 40 hours weekly to more complex IT related issues.

They Have a More Secure Environment

PeoplePassword eliminated the need for users to email or call to reset their password.  The new process created a more secure environment.

They Could Hold Back on New Help Desk Hires

Implementing PeoplePassword reduced the need to hire up to two additional Help Desk employees, saving an estimated $100,000/yr.

Using the PeoplePassword solution, Hodges University can now dedicate Help Desk resources to more IT related functions.  Providing a self-service password reset solutions creates a more secure environment for both users and the University.  As a result, there was no need to hire additional staff members saving Hodges University thousands of dollars each year.

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