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Jason Wiggins, Director of Technology at Nacogdoches Independent School District, in Nacogdoches, Texas deployed Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform. He and his Technology Department now have consistent data in Active Directory and more time on their schedules for other IT related projects.


The challenges Nacogdoches Independent School District faced were:

Inaccurate Active Directory and G Suite account data due to manual data entry

Active Directory and G Suite account data became consistently inaccurate due to the burden of manual data entry over time and problems with the Google Cloud Directory Sync Tool. Student data in each platform was inconsistent.

No deprovisioning process in place for students or employees

Mistakes made due to manually entering data caused inaccurate content for students and staff.

Active Directory and G Suite did not sync with their Student Information System

The data in Active Directory and G Suite was out of sync with the student information system SunGard (recently acquired by PowerSchool) due to the burden of having to try to stay in sync via manually entry without a bulk update process and delegation.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform Solution

Implementing PeoplePlatform, Wiggins found that not only did he eliminate his teams’ daily burden of updating and provisioning students and staff, but he saw additional benefits:

PeoplePlatform ensured data consistency between Active Directory, G Suite, and their Student Information System

After a single run of bulk processing, the data in the on premise Active Directory and G Suite was perfectly consistent. Exception reports and emails now are sent for problems with the data in the student information system that needed addressing. The result was at the start of the school year, every student had a record that was consistent and aligned with data in the student information system.

PeoplePlatform directly connects Active Directory and G Suite with SunGard to deprovision users when needed in bulk

The IT team configured business rules in the Platform to make this a hands-free process. Retiring accounts eased security concerns about having accounts active from former staff and students. When deprovisioning occurs in Active Directory, it happens in G Suite in real-time without the need to sync.

PeoplePlatform connects with SunGard for secure real-time account creation and updates in Active Directory and G Suite without the need to use the Google Cloud Directory Sync Tool

This connection took the place of IT taking email requests and phone calls to keep things current. This new process allowed administrators not to be indebted to IT, returning time and resources to the IT team. Also, IT now gives controlled access to administrators to make one-off changes in configurable web-forms that require no scripting or coding to build. These provide easy to use forms allow relatively non-technical individuals the ability to update Active Directory and G Suite under the watchful eye and control of IT. Giving this control to the administrators resulted in immediate time savings for the IT staff, and a more enjoyable experience for the administrators.

The support team was just more knowledgeable than other companies we researched. Web Active Directory also worked with us on our first major upload to ensure that it was correct.
– Jason Wiggins


Finally, after deploying Web Active Directory, Nacogdoches Independent School District achieved:

$20,000 Annual Savings

Reducing the IT team’s resources with the beginning of year account creation and daily updates and provisioning, IT was able to cut Active Directory maintenance time saving an estimated $20,000 annually.

0% Errors in Data

Updating and provisioning students and faculty in both Active Directory and G Suite reduced errors to 0%.

No Data Inconsistencies

SunGard, Active Directory and G Suite are now perfectly in sync without data inconsistencies.

Completing the installation of Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform, Nacogdoches Independent School District now has an automated provisioning and updating solution for Active Directory and G Suite that allows the IT department to properly devote time and resources to other critical issues the District requires. In doing so, both the students and faculty now have a more pleasant experience in their daily activities, while creating less frustration to both IT and administrators.

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