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Steven Nuesch, CIO of Paradigm Pioneers, has happier clients and is using less of his resources since he implemented Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform solution.  The company now allows over sixty Special Education school clients to manage their directory, database access, and hosted Exchange accounts in a multi-tenanted configuration.  Paradigm Pioneers has over 3,000 accounts for their Special Education faculty and administrators.


The challenges Paradigm Pioneers faced were:Paradigm Pioneers Logo

A Cumbersome Status Quo

Scripting and manual data entry for all sixty schools was too cumbersome.

Slower Customer Service than Desired

Turnaround for new account creation was exceeding a full business day.  This was more than desired.

Security Concerns

The delay of provisioning and deprovisioning accounts caused security concerns.  New users had their access delayed while terminated users still had access to systems after leaving the position if staff could not be reached quickly.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform Solution

In implementing PeoplePlatform, Nuesch found the opportunity to automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of accounts eased security concerns and created a more pleasurable experience for their customers.  In doing so, Paradigm Pioneers can continue to manage accounts that require more attention efficiently.  This created the following benefits:

Less IT Resources were Required

PeoplePlatform allowed for a much cleaner and more functional account provisioning and deprovisioning process with less attention and maintenance from the Paradigm Pioneers technical team.

Improved Customer Service

Using the Web Active Directory solution allowed school administrators to create accounts in minutes rather than waiting more than 24 hours for someone else to do it.

Less Errors in Data

Since the school administrators were able to manage the accounts on their own easily, errors are being eliminated with the new easy to use automated process.

PeoplePlatform improved security by giving our customers these tools to manage their own user’s accounts quickly.

— Steven Nuesch


After implementing Web Active Directory, Paradigm Pioneers concluded:

Automation Led to Better Security

Automating the process rather than using manual data entry eased security concerns by allowing clients to provision and deprovision their own user accounts.

Customer Service Improved

IT immediately turned a 24-hour new account provisioning into a one minute self-service process.

They Achieved a Tangible ROI

Paradigm Pioneers saved an additional estimated $5,000 annually by eliminating a full business week of manual account management.

By implementing Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform, Paradigm Pioneers sixty customers manage their parts of Active Directory safely and securely.  By giving control to their customers to manage their own user’s accounts, the Paradigm Pioneers IT department can focus on other critical issues.  The solution frees up more resources, quickens provisioning of accounts for clients, and saves the company valuable time and money allowing them to grow beyond their current customer base.

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