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Aaron Bennett’s, Chief Information Officer, San Francisco Symphony, IT team now has more time and resources since the organization deployed Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate solution.


The challenges San Francisco Symphony faced were around having his staff bear the burden of data entry.  Aaron’s staff was manually updating Active Directory profiles taking up their time and exacting a cost for simple clerical activities.  These mundane activities caused frustration with the IT engineers making their job less enjoyable.  Also, errors would happen sporadically using relatively unfriendly operating system tools.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform Solution

In implementing Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate, San Francisco Symphony was able to develop a more efficient process.  The updating of employee profiles shifted to the receptionist, thus allowing one person to do administrative updates.  Providing a web form with dropdowns and validation for updating information resulted in more accurate information in Active Directory.  Finally, the new process afforded a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both the receptionist and the IT staff.

PeopleUpdate was easy to get up and running and easy to use, I would recommend it!

Aaron Bennett


After implementing Web Active Directory, San Francisco Symphony concluded that they achieved a tangible return on investment.

The San Francisco Symphony was able to reduce the cost of updating employee profiles by over 50%.  Transferring these required updates from an IT engineer to a receptionist determined the ROI while providing for a more enjoyable work environment for all staff members.  Also, by instituting a web form for updating content, errors were reduced to 0%.

With the deployment of the Web Active Directory solution, San Francisco Symphony now has a directory update solution that allows the IT department to properly devote time and resources to other critical issues the company requires and more data accuracy.  Lastly, by transferring these updates to the receptionist, staff members enjoy a more pleasant work environment.

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