Web Active Directory Support

In an effort to meet the needs of our customers, Web Active Directory offers both Technical Support and Consulting Services. Technical Support is included in the price of your software license and if you’ve purchased a perpetual license, support may be renewed annually.  Consulting Services is billed at an hourly rate.

Technical Support provides access to software updates as well as assistance with problems that might result with the software from issues on our end.  Consulting Services starts where Technical Support leaves off. For some customers, this means hands-on, personalized training, yet most customers use Consulting Services for implementation and deployment.
Web Active Directory support is here to support you during your evaluation process and after purchase.

The support process starts with finding your issue and solution here at our knowledge base. If unsuccessful, you can submit a support ticket.

To open a support ticket, send an email to support@webactivedirectory.com.

Ticket Information to Provide Web Active Directory Support

When opening a support ticket please provide the following information:

  • name (if different than displayed on your email display name)
  • company name (if different than displayed on your email address domain name)
  • title
  • business email address (if different than the one you’re sending from)
  • phone number
  • The product you’re using and version, the operating system version on which you have the software installed
  • Description of the problem
  • Steps already taken to resolve the issue

We respond as quickly as possible in United States business hours according to the order that cases are received.  For customers to receive technical support you must be on a current maintenance contract.

Please note: While we work diligently to support our customers throughout the customer lifecycle, in some cases support needs to be differentiated from Consulting Services. In these cases support will notify clients of possible billable hours before proceeding. Web Active Directory will process billable hours via standard invoicing, payable by credit card, check or bank transfer.

Please contact sales@webactivedirectory.com with questions.

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