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Active Directory Provisioning with PowerShell: Extensibility and Power without Costly Implementation (Part 1 of 4)

Too often, software companies want absolute control of their black box of intellectual property (IP). These companies only want extensibility and customizability if it means more revenue from implementation services. A few companies in our space have even developed their own scripting languages to make customers pay for more services or training to learn yet

Presentation Links: Free Active Directory Tools and Tips

WebAD is presenting today at the 17th Annual Technology Planning Conference for Region 10 of the Texas Education Service Center (ESC) in Richardson, Texas. The presentation highlights free tools and technologies that can help K-12 school districts manage their Active Directory environment, especially the automated creation, moving and deletion of student user accounts. Check out

Top 3 issues with Identity Management and Active Directory

Web Active Directory has been in the identity management business for over 6 years now and the one thing that we have learned in that time is that there are three critical areas that solutions such as ours need to adhere to, they are: Security Security Security We hear you loud and clear.  That is

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Audit GPO Inheritance with Powershell

I’m working on my next Active Directory Health Check article and I came across this article which applies to one of the areas we review as part of an Active Directory Health Check. Check it out! http://daniellange.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/auditing-gpo-inheritance-with-powershell/ For more information contact us at www.webactivedirectory.com, or call us at (+1) 800-747-3565

Active Directory Cmdlets in Windows Powershell

I saw someone else post this on twitter and instead of making it a favorite in my browser I thought I would post it here in hopes that someone else would also find it useful. Here is a link to the Powershell cmdlets in Windows 2008 R2 for Active Directory. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee617195.aspx For more information contact

How to Backup and Restore Group Policy

This article includes a command line example of how to backup group policy, now you can schedule it using a powershell cmdlet too… 🙂 http://www.xenappblog.com/2010/how-to-backup-and-restore-group-policy/

Yet another way to get Active Directory Password Expiration

I know we’ve posted a few times on this topic but I came across another script that retrieves the Active Directory password expiration.  The main difference is that this script allows you to fileter, sort, export, or group the results of the query. If you are looking for a tool to send email reminders to

Free powershell cmdlets – Active Directory

PowershellPack is a free download with some additional Powershell cmdlets like TaskScheduler which is just what it sounds like, a cmdlet to list, create, or delete tasks which is extremely useful given all the additional functionality the task scheduler has in Windows 2008 and Windows 7. Here is a list of the other cmdlets and

Windows Powershell Quick Reference

Quick-reference guide to commonly-used Windows PowerShell commands from the Microsoft Download site. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=df8ed469-9007-401c-85e7-46649a32d0e0 For more information contact us at www.webactivedirectory.com, or call us at (+1) 800-747-3565

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