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Active Directory management built for MSPs

We have been getting a ton of traffic lately from MSPs that are becoming more and more frustrated with managing data and accounts in Active Directory and the operational costs associated with this menial task. Most of the administrators have been toying with the idea of actually creating their own web applications to delegate out

Windows Active Directory update solutions for the small-medium sized enterprises: Top 5

At Web Active Directory, we get a good number of prospects that visit our website and ask for evaluations for our products. One category of prospects includes small- to medium-sized businesses looking for ways to automate and delegate Windows Active Directory updates to end-users. Companies sized from 100 – 1,000 employees typically have this need.

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Domain and forest functionality levels

I recently saw a post on this and so it got me interested in where this data is stored and where on the MSDN site I could find it.  I have found that if you ask a company what forest and domain functionality level they are at you will probably get a different answer from

How to ensure fast queries when searching Microsoft Active Directory

Here’s a great article on MSDN that talks about methods to ensure when you search Active Directory that the results are returned as quickly as possible.  It’s something we refer back to quite often with our customers as well as when we ship new Active Directory reports in our products.  A healthy Active Directory is

Add photos to Active Directory

Our PeopleSearch and PeopleUpdate product line has long supported showing photos for a user accounts in Active Directory.   With either solution you can show photos from the jpegPhoto and/or thumbnailPhoto attributes in Active Directory.  In PeopleUpdate, you can edit these photos right from the web interface (or delegate that task). We also support linking an Active

LDAP Filter to find accounts not set to expire in Microsoft Active Directory

In order to show accounts that are not set to expire you will need to use the below LDAP filter. Accounts that don’t expire: (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(|(accountExpires=9223372036854775807)(accountExpires=0)))  Accounts that have an expiration date: (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(&(!accountExpires=9223372036854775807)(!accountExpires=0))) About the accountExpires attribute Account-Expires Attribute The date when the account expires. This value represents the number of 100 nanosecond intervals since January

Search multiple Active Directory attributes from one search field

Description Web Active Directory’s PeopleSearch and PeopleUpdate solutions provide powerful tools for searching Active Directory by allowing you to quickly and easily configure an intuitive search interface for your users. You might want to enhance how you search Active Directory, though, by providing a search field that will actually search more than one attribute. Microsoft

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