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Password Management Increases Efficiency and Security

In a previous post, we talked about increasing organizational efficiency around provisioning and deprovisioning users.  Deploying a password reset solution is also important in this regard.  The delegation of resetting passwords or unlocking accounts via identity and access management solutions allows users safely to reset passwords with limited or no IT involvement.  Reducing calls to

Top 3 issues with Identity Management and Active Directory

Web Active Directory has been in the identity management business for over 6 years now and the one thing that we have learned in that time is that there are three critical areas that solutions such as ours need to adhere to, they are: Security Security Security We hear you loud and clear.  That is

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Auto Enrollment for Windows Self-Service Password Reset

We are pleased to announce that our engineers came up with exactly that, a data import utility that can use your existing data to pre-enroll users. This is available to all of our existing PeoplePassword customers, or as an add-on feature for our new customers.

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Yet another way to get Active Directory Password Expiration

I know we’ve posted a few times on this topic but I came across another script that retrieves the Active Directory password expiration.  The main difference is that this script allows you to fileter, sort, export, or group the results of the query. If you are looking for a tool to send email reminders to

Find out when Active Directory passwords expire using Powershell

See the link below for a great script that uses Powershell to determine when Active Directory passwords will expire.  Web Active Directory, LLC also has a product called PeopleMinder that automates the notification of your end users, specific user groups, etc of an upcoming Active Directory password expiration, but if you want to make your

Powershell script to view and set the Default Domain Password Policy

I think it’s important that everything you can do in a GUI can be done in Powershell and this is quickly becoming a reality for all Microsoft products.  This Powershell script allows you to quickly report on an Active Directory Default Domain Password Policy and change it…all with Powershell.  Use this in your Active Directory

Linux and Active Directory

Want to use Active Directory for authenticating your Linux devices?  Well you can!  This is extremely powerful for enabling a single user id for authentication and now you can use products like PeoplePassword for password self-service on both Windows and Linux.  http://adminspotting.net/articles/windows/linux-and-active-directory.html For more information, contact us at www.webactivedirectory.com

Active Directory Password Expiration Notification

I’ve been in organizations where employees worked remotely either on their own computers or only connected over VPN connections periodically.  I’ve also been a consultant and used my own laptop on a corporate domain and not had my laptop as a member of the domain.  The problem with these users (and I’ve been one) is

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