Must-Haves for an LDAP Provisioning Solution

Must-Haves for an LDAP Provisioning Solution

People enter organizations regularly.  It’s important that these people receive the access to systems that they need so that they can become productive quickly.  Some customers want to use a web interface to do their provisioning or delegate the job to others via the web.  Others want to take data from an export from another system and do it in an automated way.  Whether you have Active Directory or another directory technology it’s important to know the Must-Haves for an LDAP Provisioning Solution.

Defining the key capabilities of a system tasked with provisioning users or other objects into a directory is important because it can save a lot of time and money to get the most effective solution.  We created a white paper defining the most important characteristics of such a solution.  The intent is to give you some criteria to consider when comparing systems.

Follow this link and select our white paper entitled:  Must-Haves for an LDAP Provisioning Solution.  In this paper you can read more detail about what to consider when looking at a provisioning solution.

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