Student Provisioning Needs

Student Provisioning Can be a Data Management Nightmare

I recently asked an IT Director of a large California school district about the most frustrating part of his job.  He didn’t say, to my surprise, something like “our legacy systems are horribly outdated” or even “we need to initiate a new SIS infrastructure”.  I was surprised when his response was his frustration with the lack of sound automated active directory student provisioning solutions at school in his district.  Although they were able to get by with manual processes to enroll faculty, his Help Desk was overwhelmed spending hours provisioning students and rectifying mistakes from the inevitable human error in manual processes.  IT staff and Administrators were so overburdened they struggled to keep track of student entry and exit and the usefulness of their Active Directory implementation struggled as a result.  Needless to say all parties were frustrated.

What he hadn’t realized until it was too late that the result of the problem, which was time taken away from the staff and Administrators’ primary job function had become a true data management nightmare.

The Common Need for a Student Provisioning Solution

Surprisingly we have found this is a common issue in educational districts nationally.  While many Institutions have either tried to write scripts themselves and others have attempted to outsource work on a solution to third parties, the ability to have a seamless solution that eliminates the cost of maintaining and supporting manual processes has become a critical need in the industry.

Providing a student provisioning solution with the ability to have quality student data and secure and appropriate access for them at a cost that provides significant ROI doesn’t have to be a dream.  It can absolutely be a reality.

Web Active Directory saw the need and has focused on the education market in the past months with significant success.  In doing so, we have helped School Districts such as Galt USD, Canadian ISD, Jackson School District and multiple other Districts across North America.  If this is a common issue for you as well, please review the Provisioning solutions we offer.  Contact us if you need more information.  Maybe we can take your headache away as well!

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