Web Active Directory: About Us

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform providing management and reporting solutions for on premise Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite.  We provide software and services on premise or in the cloud.  These solutions save money and time for IT technologists and therefore empower end-users not to be beholden to IT anymore.

Our solutions give IT managers and workers control to delegate data entry and password management tasks.  Those taking on the tasks are empowered by being able to complete them securely and effectively without involving the helpdesk.  A more secure environment often results from these changes.  IT can choose who can see, create, and edit directory contents without giving a person or department tools to modify the directory at large.

Results include a high return on investment as more technical workers can focus on what they do best rather than data entry and phone support.  Consequently, phone support time is reduced.  The solutions are simple and effective helping users reduce errors in the process.

Our Mission

We try to provide the best Identity Management solution and customer care in the industry.

Our Vision

We simplify Identity Management for IT Organizations while offering feature-rich Applications.

Our Philosophy

We are customer driven and performance focused.

Our People

The Web Active Directory team is exceptional.  We take our hiring process seriously.  In addition to looking for experts in areas including development, professional services, management, and support we try to find people who also like to work with others.  This comprehensive expertise combined with our joy of working with people means you can feel confident about receiving the most outstanding software and service the industry has to offer.

Our Solutions

We provide Identity Management Active Directory solutions.  These include solutions around Group and User Management, Password Management, Directory Management, and Provisioning.  We don’t lump everything into a single product where you have to purchase it all even though you only need part of what we offer.  We have a platform where the solutions compliment each other and work well together but where you can choose only the solutions that you need.

Our History

We were founded in 2002 but take care to maintain the agility of a start-up.  We try to listen to our customers and prospects so that we can provide solutions that aren’t good just for technology-sake but that solve real-world problems.

About Web Active Directory


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